Security Services In Queens, NY

Home Security Systems in Queens, NY

Now you can stop crime in real-time with our burglar alarm systems. Our live guard protection will detect unusual motion. Once it has been detected, our agents that are monitoring the alarms will assist in stopping burglars right in their tracks.
Our burglar alarm systems may be armed while you are away from your home or while you are in your home.

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Security Services In Queens, NY

Are you looking for home security systems or burglar alarm systems in Queens, NY? If so, let the pros here at Skye Tech Security Systems help you out. Our mission is to protect your home or business. We offer a variety of services for both homes and commercial establishments.

Security Services In Queens
Home Security Systems in Queens, NY

Fire Alarm Systems

When a fire hits your home, the fire alarm will alert all household members or occupants in a building immediately. Fire alarm systems are beneficial in that they enable quick evacuation. This also allows for emergency personnel to promptly make it to the scene. Give us a call today if you are interested in learning more about our fire alarm system installation.


If you can use a boost of protection for your home or business, consider having our CCTV cameras installed. You have the option of choosing a video camera, digital stills, or both. While many businesses typically have them, homeowners can also take advantage of them as well. Our professionals will be more than happy to help you choose the right CCTV for your home or business.

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Security Service In Queens, NY
Home Security Systems in NY

Card Access Control

Card access control is another step in keeping your business secure. Now you can go keyless by upgrading to a car access reader. It can be installed on any door. No need to use a key, or an app to open your door. Card access control provides you with an added layer of security. You will always know who is entering your facility and immediately be alerted for any unauthorized attempts.

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Another way you can add additional security to your building is by installing intercom systems. It is always good to stay informed of all people entering your establishment. We install a variety of different intercom systems here at Skye Tech. Whether you need an audio-video intercom system, or an audio-only system, we can take care of you!

Security Services In Queens, NY

Alarm Monitoring

All of our alarm systems that we install in your home or business are professionally monitored by our agents. You can now rest easy knowing that there are hundreds of agents waiting to assist in the event of an emergency.
For more information or to receive a free estimate for any of the above home security systems or commercial security systems, give Skye Tech a call today.

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